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What are the requirements for registering for adult colleges and universities?

A: Chinese citizens who meet the following criteria can apply:

(1) Abide by the Constitution and laws of the People's Republic of China。

(2) Employees and other members of society other than students in various high and secondary schools with academic qualifications recognized by the State。

(3) Good health, life can take care of themselves, does not affect the study of the major。

(4) Candidates who apply for high school starting point for undergraduate (hereinafter referred to as high school) or high school starting point for junior college (hereinafter referred to as high school) should have a high school graduation degree。Candidates who apply for junior college starting point promotion (hereinafter referred to as junior college promotion) must be those who have obtained the junior college graduation certificate, undergraduate completion certificate or above issued by the national education series of higher education schools and higher education self-study examination institutions approved by the Ministry of Education。

(5) Candidates who apply for medical majors in adult colleges and universities should meet the following conditions:

① Apply for clinical medicine, stomatology, preventive medicine, traditional Chinese medicine and other clinical professional personnel,It shall obtain the qualification certificate of the corresponding category of practicing assistant doctor or above issued by the provincial health administrative department or obtain the corresponding professional education of the general secondary school recognized by the state;Or a rural doctor's practicing certificate issued by the administrative department of health at or above the county level and has a secondary school education or secondary school level certificate。

② The personnel who apply for the nursing profession shall obtain the certificate of practicing nurse issued by the provincial health administration department。

(3) Candidates for other medical specialties should be on-the-job professional and technical personnel engaged in the health and pharmaceutical industries。

④ Candidates apply for the major in principle should be engaged in the major。

For candidates who do not meet the above conditions and require to apply for medical majors, the local admission departments should inform them in an appropriate way that the medical adult higher education diploma obtained after graduation will not be used as the basis for participating in the examination of medical practitioners and nurse practitioners, please be careful to apply。

(6) Candidates who are registered in our province should generally choose to confirm their information in the place where they are registered。If you apply in a different place, you must hold the "Henan Province Residence Permit" and the second-generation official resident ID card issued by the public security department of the county (city or district) where you apply for the registration at the information confirmation point。Candidates who are not exempt from the test should take the national Unified examination for adult college Admission at the location of the information confirmation point。

(7) General higher vocational (junior college) soldiers recruited for compulsory military service at school or after graduation, and participate in projects such as "selecting and hiring college graduates to work in villages", "Three support and one support" (supporting education, agriculture, medical and poverty alleviation), "College Students Volunteer Service in the West (poor counties) Plan", "Special Post Plan for teachers in rural compulsory education schools" (hereinafter referred to as "at the grassroots level")Personnel who have completed their service and passed the examination,With my ID card, national education series of general higher vocational (junior college) graduation certificate approved by the Ministry of Education, soldier's service certificate or related project assessment certificate,Can apply for exemption to study in our province adult colleges and universities to upgrade the major。

(8) In 2016, candidates who participated in the national adult college entrance examination in our province and reached the minimum admission control score and were not admitted are "qualified students", and this year, adult colleges and universities are exempt from the unified examination and directly participate in the corresponding level of admission。When applying online, the subject must be the same as last year。

(9) For those who have obtained a series of graduation certificates of national education, they can be exempted from the examination to the corresponding level of adult colleges and universities, that is, "second degree" candidates, must participate in the online registration of adult colleges and universities in our province, and confirm the information confirmation point at the time and place selected by me。Those who have obtained a junior college degree can only apply for the junior college level of adult colleges, and those who have obtained a bachelor's degree or above can apply for the junior college or junior college level of adult colleges。

(10) Foreign nationals who settle in China to apply for adult colleges and universities in our province must hold the "Foreigner Permanent Residence Permit" or "Alien Residence Permit" issued by the provincial public security organ, and can apply at the place designated by the Zhengzhou Recruitment Office。The requirements for the registration conditions and the examination of the examination qualifications shall refer to the registration conditions and the examination measures for the examination of the examination qualifications of Chinese citizens。


First, adult college entrance examination (correspondence) online registration time

Answer: In the middle of September every year, the specific time of advance notification by the teacher of high education shall prevail, and the registration shall be reported by the teacher on behalf of the teacher

2. Online registration materials

Note 1: How to download the college electronic diploma certification report?

Students who apply for bachelor's degree need to download the "College electronic Diploma Certification Report" from Xuexin network. If you do not download it, please inform the teacher and the teacher will download it for you。

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